Guangzhou Zhujiang Washing Machinery Co., Ltd.

 The history of Guangzhou Pearl River washing machine can be traced back to 1989, a five-man machinery factory in Guangzhou.  At that time, it started with the production of semi-automatic washing machines, dehydrators and dryers.  In 1991, Guangzhou Zhujiang Washing Machine Factory was registered and a brand with a long history in the domestic washing industry was born.  After several years of continuous development, Guangzhou Pearl River became a representative of the Guangzhou industrial washing machinery industry and participated in the formulation and review of the technical standards of industrial washing machinery by the Ministry of Professional Machinery Industry at the time.  In May 2003, Guangzhou Pearl River established Guangzhou Zhujiang Washing Machinery Co., Ltd. through restructuring, and in the same year acquired Guangzhou Kangde Washing Machinery Co., Ltd., which further strengthened its strength.  In May 2005, the self-built new equipment production base of nearly 10,000 square meters was completed and put into use in Nanhai District, Foshan City. At the same time, a subsidiary was established: Guangzhou Zhujiang Washing Machinery Co., Ltd. Nanhai Branch.

Since then, the Pearl River washing machine in Guangzhou has a clearer internal division:
 Guangzhou Zhujiang Washing Machinery Co., Ltd. is mainly responsible for brand promotion, sales and after-sales service.
 Guangzhou Zhujiang Washing Machinery Co., Ltd. Nanhai Branch is mainly responsible for the design and development, production testing, distribution debugging and after-sales service of various series of products of the Pearl River brand.

 Guangzhou Pearl River was founded in the south of the mainland of the motherland, and also has the exquisite characteristics unique to southerners.  We strive to do a good job of every piece of equipment, to keep improving, to prevent crude manufacturing, and the pursuit of perfecting the equipment never stops.  Our designers visit major industry exhibitions every year to collect the newer trends of the industry and the newer needs of various types of customers, and to combine the strengths of each to make better improvements to our equipment.  We just make every piece of Zhujiang brand equipment used by our customers is our meticulous work.

Now our company specializes in the production of Guangzhou industrial washing machines, Guangzhou industrial washing machines, Guangzhou automatic washing machines, etc.  Welcome to consult!

 All employees of Guangzhou Zhujiang Washing Machinery have a common ideal: committed to providing better washing solutions for global customers, providing customers with suggestions from single equipment to multiple equipment combinations, and a complete design solution for the entire laundry room .  With standardized after-sales service technology and accessories consistent with production standards, we escort equipment purchased by customers.