Guangzhou industrial washing machine operation method

- 2019-10-30-

Guangzhou industrial washing machine uses a three-phase asynchronous motor or a speed regulating motor (washing and dyeing machine) as the working power. When the power is turned on, the power indicator light is on, and the three-position switch controls jog, stop, active, and jog position. The jog indicator light is on, which can realize the jog door. When the active direction is on, the work indicator light is on. According to the requirements of the scrubbing process, the scrubbing time is selected. The machine will actively work in the specified time. The structure uses a horizontal drum type. The front and back cylinders of industrial washing machines are made of high-quality stainless steel, which is flat and bright, corrosion-resistant, and has little wear and tear on the fabric. The machine has a long service life.
Guangzhou industrial washing machine operation method is as follows:
1. Put the clothes to be washed in the tympanum (double-chamber should pay attention to wearing uniform clothes), lock the drum door, and then close the outer drum door. (Caution: Put a proper amount of clothes, not too much or too little, so as not to affect the scrubbing power and scrubbing quality.)
2. Open the water valve first. After the water is in place, open the steam valve and close the water valve. When the water temperature reaches the required temperature, close the steam valve. (The temperature of washing water for cotton fabrics is generally 60-70 ℃, and the temperature of washing water for artificial fibers and silk is 30-40 ℃)
3. Add scrubbing agent, generally 20-25 grams per kilogram.
4. Turn on the power, the engine, and the drum actively cycle according to the "forward rotation and stop rotation".
5. After cleaning, the sewage is discharged. Portable devices only need to open the valve, drain sewage, and then close the valve.
6. Wash with water for 1-3 times, about 1-10 minutes each time, until the end of cleaning.
7. After cleaning, drain the water and stop the machine. In this case, if the roller door does not face the external roller door, the roller door can be jogged for alignment.
8. Block the power supply first, the power indicator lightened down, and then open the door to get clothes. Open the revolving door, press the safety bolt to support the opened revolving door, and remove the laundry.

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