Guangzhou industrial washing machine with good performance selection and installation

- 2019-10-30-

What should be paid attention to when choosing and installing a good industrial washing machine in Guangzhou? In terms of equipment performance, the overall appearance of the equipment must be perfect, and the appearance, color, shape, etc. can satisfy consumers. The overall layout is reasonable, and the structure is arranged neatly and clearly, which meets the requirements of stiffness. The foundation structure is reasonable in design, installation, and outstanding combination. Parts, components, and manufacturing processes are excellent. The material selection is reasonable, the surface treatment is outstanding, and special anticorrosive treatment is adopted for special parts. Next, Guangzhou Pearl River Washing will share relevant content for us, and I hope to clear up our doubts.
The operating performance of Guangzhou industrial washing machines requires a high degree of automation of the control system, a reliable equipment system, a large capacity of the equipment system, strong selectivity, and a self-check function for condition judgment. The operation is simple and clear, with various safety measures such as man-machine dialogue function and sound and light alarm. The trouble-free operation cycle is long and the sudden failure rate is the lowest. Only when the running condition is stable can the anti-interference be strong. Environmental protection objectives such as noise and vibration meet professional regulations. With perfect safety protection measures, if accidental operation occurs during the operation, the equipment has the function of self-stop for protection.

The overall performance target should be judged by comparison with the additional targets of domestic or foreign advanced specifications for this type of equipment. The advanced nature of the equipment is reflected in the advanced nature of each goal. In terms of industrial washing machine design and manufacturing process technology, the following four factors should be evaluated by the manufacturer. Advanced design thinking and implementation of equipment. The rationality of the equipment manufacturing process and the advanced nature of the process equipment. Management and control of equipment production process. Whether it is produced in batches, finalized, and the degree of equipment molding and standardization.
The following five types of factors can be investigated about the processing level and after-sales service of industrial washing machine manufacturers. Whether the quality management level has passed the certification. Enterprise technical strength and staff quality. Enterprise equipment status, whether it has modern processing methods and batch production ability. Equipment sales status and after-sales service capabilities. The social status of the company and the affiliation of the main equipment, etc. To properly evaluate industrial washing machines and select good industrial washing machines, we must investigate the equipment from the above aspects.

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