What needs to be considered when choosing a hospital laundry machine?

- 2019-10-30-

There are high requirements for hospital laundry machinery. It is recommended that you understand the following aspects when selecting:
1. Selection of hospital laundry room machinery suppliers Now, there are hundreds of manufacturers providing scrubbing equipment in the country, excluding foreign brand agents in China. Among these hundreds of enterprises, there are large-scale production enterprises with strong strength, and only a few small workshop enterprises.
The quality of laundry equipment produced by enterprises of different strengths also varies greatly. And the quality of the laundry equipment directly affects that you will start smoothly in subsequent laundry operations. Therefore, we must make great efforts in supplier selection.
2. The planning of the laundry room machinery in the hospital begins to determine the number of disposable fabrics on the laundry day and the laundry plan itself. The direct factors determining the laundry room plan are its own financial resources and the number of customers. Therefore, in order to ensure our own interests, we must determine the size of the laundry room at the initial stage of the laundry.
3. Sewage Discharge The reason for the separated sewage discharge here is that the laundry needs to discharge a large amount of laundry wastewater every day. Although most of these wastewaters are degreased ash water, they will not cause serious pollution to the environment, but many places are strictly stopped.
The cleaning room needs to be equipped with filters, sedimentation tanks and blasting tanks for sewage treatment. Therefore, we should consult the relevant part in the early stage of the laundry room, according to their relevant equipment construction specifications, to avoid the serious problems of being seized after opening.
4. Is the planning of hospital laundry machinery standardized?
In order to achieve high efficiency, we need not only a set of high-quality scrubbing equipment, but also scientific placement.
How to place the washing machine, dryer and ironing machine, folding machine, and packing equipment, how much distance should be reserved between them, whether the buried inlet and drain pipes, and the use of air intake, electricity, water, etc. are reasonable, it directly affects subsequent clothes Operational capabilities.

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