Identification and correct placement of washing machine performance in Huizhou

- 2019-10-30-

I. Identification of the functions of Huizhou washing machines 1. Air consumption and water consumption In this era of energy saving and emission reduction promotion, the air consumption and water consumption of Huizhou washing machines are also issues that we must consider when purchasing products. Because these factors will directly It is linked to your later operating costs. So when we are buying Huizhou washing machinery, we should have a detailed understanding of the air and water consumption of the product. Try to buy an energy-saving and useful Huizhou washing machinery. Do n’t choose it because it is cheap. Buy some Huizhou washing machines that consume gas and water.
2. The power consumption of Huizhou washing machinery The same power consumption of Huizhou washing machinery is also a question we need to consider carefully. A good Huizhou washing machine has low power consumption. It is also energy-saving when used. About Huizhou washing machinery We can measure the power consumption index during the entire washing process through a professional power meter, and then calculate the electricity consumption during the entire washing process based on the current electricity price standard of 0.49 yuan per kilowatt-hour.
3. The washing degree of Huizhou washing machine. As a laundry room operator and purchaser, whether the Huizhou washing machine purchased can wash fabrics during operation is a matter of concern. The factors affecting the washing degree of Huizhou washing machine are Huizhou. The mechanical force and quality of the washing machine and the energy efficiency of the detergent. So when we buy it, we must have a deep understanding of the functions of the washing machine in Huizhou. Avoiding the washing degree of the washing machine we bought is not high. .
4. Analysis of Huizhou washing machine noise through authoritative data analysis indicates that the "noisy" complaint in Huizhou washing machine complaints has now been ranked in the top three positions. It can be seen how much the washing machine noise affects the customer's day. Therefore, the noise test is included in the scope of this test. The noise of Huizhou washing machinery is mainly derived from whether the product design is fine and whether there are problems during installation.
Second, Huizhou washing machine placement requirements are as follows:
1. The laundry machine Huizhou washing machine should be placed according to the washing process and the requirements of steam, waterway, circuit and discharge. For example, the area of Huizhou washing machinery should be close to the ironing machine and the folding machine, and the exhaust port of the dryer should be far away from the area of the worker's business to avoid hot air from adding indoor temperature.

2. The clamp machine, bacteria-type clamp machine and trapezoidal clamp machine should be placed in an oval shape for one person to operate. The portrait machine should be placed with the suede universal clamp machine. The strict and reasonable placement of the equipment can reduce the pipeline and Worst motivation.
3. The height of the washing machine should consider whether it is convenient for employees to operate and load and unload the linen. Too high abutment will make the operator difficult to load and unload the linen. Too low bending of the abutment will increase employee fatigue.

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