How does Guangzhou automatic elution machine operate?

- 2019-10-30-

Guangzhou automatic elution machine eliminates the tedious procedures of general washing machines and dehydrators. You only need to put the washing data into the full-automatic elution machine, set the washing, rinsing and dehydration procedures, and there is a simpler one-click operation "To wash your clothes easily. It can be used in hotels, restaurants, hospitals and printing and dyeing occupations. Guangzhou automatic washing machine is an aspiration equipment for washing cotton, wool, linen, chemical fiber and other fabrics.
The operating procedure and method of Guangzhou fully automatic eluent are as follows:
1. Every day, you should check the equipment on time to see if the input and output of each switch is normal.
2. Automatic operation (1) Open the front door, load the first batch of sorted laundry into the washing tub according to the rated capacity of the machine, and then close the front door.
(2) After the program is programmed and set, press "Program 1" and select the key of the required program, that is, the automatic washing is preliminary and knows to end the entire washing process. When the first washing is completed within 1.5 minutes, the Panyu solution should be added to the Panyu tank until the automatic washing is completed, and then the front door is opened to remove the laundry.
3. Manual operation (1) Before manual operation, the washing sequence, pouring time and washing temperature should also be selected to ensure the proper function of washing clothes.
(2) It is necessary to let the person required by the aspirational scrubbing procedure to operate manually, otherwise there will be no reward.
(3) To ensure uniform distribution, when the water level before dehydration does not meet the low water level requirements, it should be made up to a lower water level before dehydration.
(4) Before high-speed dehydration, turn the scrub upside down. When the washing drum rotates clockwise, the uniform distribution key is turned on and the drainage device is turned on, so that the uniform distribution of the water can be completed and the laundry can easily reach the balance.
When the high lift is turned off, because the high speed still has large inertia, it takes one minute to activate the brake, and after the stop, the initial scrubbing operation can be performed.
4. After the work is completed, close the cold, hot water and steam valves, turn off the compressed air source, and turn off the main power supply.
What are the reasons for the shortcomings of the Guangzhou automatic elution machine? How to deal with it?
Disadvantage reasons:
1. The machine air pressure is too low 2. The trachea is cut, flattened or disconnected.
3. Supply capacity is too small 4. Improper adjustment of limit switch:
1. Check the drain valve and drain pipe system and clean or repair if necessary.
2. Increase the intake pressure to 6-7 kgf / cm 3. Correct or connect the air pipe from the beginning 4. Repair or replace the solenoid valve 5. Repair or replace the cylinder that opens the exhaust valve 6. Adjust the orientation of the door from the beginning and close it 7. Replacement of controller

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