The working principle of the motor of Foshan industrial washing machine

- 2019-10-30-

Foshan industrial washing machine motor is a more important part of the whole part of Foshan industrial washing machine. Its quality directly affects the use function and power of the entire device, because after a period of use, it is easy to present some common problems. When we clean up these problems, we must first understand the working principle of the motor of the Foshan industrial washing machine. Next, Guangzhou Pearl River Washing will share relevant content for us, hoping to clear up our doubts.
The Foshan industrial washing machine is safe and reliable. The inner cylinder door cover is equipped with a safety locking structure. The outer cylinder door cover can be set with electrical interlocking safety equipment according to user requirements. If the door is not closed, the machine cannot be started. Turn on and the machine will stop working immediately.
The Foshan industrial washing machine circuit is shown in the figure, and a single-phase power supply is used. In order to obtain a rotating magnetic field, two-phase windings are embedded in the stator slot, that is, the main winding and the secondary winding. The two phases differ in space by 2 ratio Ω around the axis. In addition, a capacitor with an appropriate capacity is connected in series in the secondary winding, so that the currents flowing into the primary and secondary windings have different phases, that is, they become two-phase currents, so that a rotating magnetic field can be generated. Start working.
Because the Foshan industrial washing machine requires the motor to perform positive and negative replacement work and the working conditions are exactly the same, the main and auxiliary windings are selected in the control circuit (that is, the capacitor on the secondary winding is connected in series to the main winding). To achieve forward and reverse control. In order to have the same function in the forward and reverse directions, the parameters of the two-phase winding (such as the number of coil turns and wire diameter) are designed to be exactly the same, and the ferry acts as the main and auxiliary windings. In order to get better function, choose sinusoidal winding.

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