What precautions should be taken during the installation and use of the Foshan industrial washing machine?

- 2019-10-30-

What precautions should be taken during the use and use of the Foshan industrial washing machine? The Foshan industrial washing machine is driven by the motor through the belt to change the speed of the inner liner, and rotates forward and backward under the action of the timing controller. Clothing and other materials conflict with each other and are rubbed to achieve the purpose of washing. The main advantage of Foshan's industrial washing machine technology is the removal of oily dirt; all kinds of oils and fats contained in various daily necessities (cosmetics, lubricants, cultural supplies, etc.), these oily dirt will be well removed in industrial washing machines. Next, Guangzhou Pearl River Washing will share the relevant content for us, and I hope to clear up our doubts.
Foshan industrial washing machine equipment:
1. When determining the orientation of Foshan's industrial washing machine equipment, consideration should be given to the orientation of transportation passages, raw material turnover, water intake, steam intake and sewer pipes.
2. The machine should be equipped on a solid foundation.
3. The level of machinery and equipment should be maintained.
4. Open the door of the electric control cabinet of the washing machine, and connect the 380V three-phase power line and the neutral line as indicated on the terminal.
5. According to the label of the body, explain the corresponding connection to the water inlet pipe (large caliber, upper) and steam pipe (small caliber, lower). If there is no steam condition, the steam inlet can be blocked. If using the steam heating function, please install pressure indicating equipment and safety equipment in a prominent place of the main steam pipeline outside the machine.
Foshan industrial washing machines:
1. Before each engine, please confirm that the inner door lock of Foshan Industrial Washing Machine has been locked to prevent accidents. (Very important)
2. Do not place the laundry in the sun or near a coal stove.
3. For safety, the control cabinet and motor must be pressed to the ground.
4, when washing plush, wool fabrics, fine chemical fiber, socks, gauze, gauze, etc., should be placed in the gauze pocket.

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