Which hotel laundry equipment is better?

- 2019-10-30-

Which kind of hotel laundry room equipment is better? Hotels and hotels set up washing machines mostly for linen washing treatment. At present, there are many types of products and complete specifications in the market, and there are differences in price and performance. In this case, many users will wonder what kind of hotel laundry room equipment is good. Shanghai Lijing thinks that if the purely industrial washing machine is used from the domestic washing machine, the latter has a large processing capacity, strong mechanical force, high washing and decontamination, and a very good quality industrial washing machine.
Hotel laundry room equipment Hotel laundry room equipment This is a series of large-capacity (larger up to 400 kg) strong mechanical force, specially developed for each hotel, guesthouse, or perhaps each washing company, laundry plant and other places. As far as the laundry equipment and equipment of various hotels and guesthouses in the current market is concerned, although the equipment brands of their respective equipments may be different, the selection of actual models is nothing more than the following.
1. Fully automatic elution machine This is a series of single machines with multiple functions of washing, rinsing, and dehydration. The capacity is in the range of 15-150 kg. The suspension structure design is selected. The computer board control is used. The washing parameter settings are simple and sensitive, so the washing and decontamination effect that can be achieved accordingly is relatively ambitious. Because of these advantages, and its control is relatively simple, it is currently the most widely used industrial washing machine in hotels and guesthouses.
2. Skew unloading and eluting machine This is a series of products developed in the traditional fully automatic eluent for secondary development. This machine has all the functions of a fully automatic eluent and is also equipped with an automatic unloading function. Capacity: 100, 120, 150 kg. The automatic unloading function is newly added, which has certain value in terms of increasing operating power, reducing labor intensity, and reducing damage to linen. Because of its high unit price, it is currently applicable to various large hotels and guesthouses.
3, horizontal industrial washing machines This is a series of relatively traditional industrial washing machines. Although traditional and control performance is also poor, but fortunately, its price is cheap and the performance quality is better. Therefore, it is also liked by some hotels and guesthouses. Become an aspiring product to replace domestic washing machines. However, it needs to be reminded that when the machine is installed for linen washing, it is often necessary to add an industrial dehydrator for supporting dehydration and drying operations.
So from this point of view, the hotel laundry room equipment is good, then choose industrial washing machines. As for which type of industrial washing machine you should choose, it depends on your application needs, hardware equipment, and capital budget.

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