Huizhou industrial washing machine timer instructions

- 2019-10-30-

  Huizhou industrial washing machine is a general, simple and simple maintenance washing equipment, which has the advantages of high washing efficiency, small footprint, beautiful appearance, excellent function, and durability. Suitable for washing all kinds of cotton, woolen, hemp, chemical fiber blending and other clothing fabrics. It is widely used in clothing factories, washing plants, industrial and mining enterprises, schools, hotels, hotels, hospitals and other laundry rooms. It is an ambitious device to reduce labor intensity, improve work efficiency and reduce energy consumption; it is a good helper for our lives. The timer is used to control the washing time of the Huizhou industrial washing machine. How to operate and use the timer? Next, Guangzhou Zhujiang Washing will share the relevant content for us, and we hope to clear up our doubts.
Huizhou Industrial Washing Machine To extend the service life of Huizhou Industrial Washing Machine Timers to achieve the following:
1. Every time you use it, plan your punctuality time in advance to avoid overshooting.
2. When rotating the timer of the Huizhou industrial washing machine, use even force, do not use too much force, and then damage the internal mechanism of the timer.
3. When the timer of Huizhou industrial washing machine is at zero position or full travel, do not twist it back and forth to avoid damaging the plastic positioning gear.
4. Although the timer has the function of forced reversal, it should be avoided as much as possible during use, to avoid damage to the parts or reduce the service life.
5. Do not push or pull the knob of the timer, to avoid loosening the internal fasteners or dislocation of the parts, which will damage the function of the timer.
6. The timer is wet with water, so it should be dried and dehydrated in time. Although the timer has a leak-proof method, it is not a sealed structure, so after it penetrates into the water, it will simply cause internal rust and reduce the electrical insulation function.
7, Huizhou industrial washing machine timers do not let children play around, when the washing machine is not in use, cloth cover.
8. The Huizhou industrial washing machine's timer has failed. Don't tamper with it. If it doesn't work well, the scene is worse, and the function of the timer is lost.

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