Troubleshooting and maintenance of Guangzhou industrial washing machine failure

- 2019-10-30-

What should I do if the industrial washing machine in Guangzhou is not operating? Industrial washing machines are often used. During the use of industrial washing machines, the phenomenon of non-operation of industrial washing machines will appear. Let us analyze the following reasons: There is a strong "buzz" sound when the power is turned on: When When contacting the motor casing, the heat is generated quickly. This condition is mostly due to the short circuit of capacitor c2 in the motor circuit. When c2 is short-circuited, the two windings in the motor will be connected in parallel. Then the AC impedance value is greatly reduced, causing the motor to heat up quickly. At this moment, the power should be cut off immediately. Replace the capacitor.
There is no response from the motor of Guangzhou industrial washing machine: at this time, it should be checked whether the safe tube is disconnected. Sometimes the safe tube disconnection may cause the motor to fail to be powered and cannot operate. Stable burning-generally the phenomenon of overcurrent in the circuit, you need to carefully check whether there is a short circuit, and replace the safe tube after it is loosened.
Guangzhou industrial washing machine motor internal winding open circuit: the multi-meter can be used to measure the DC resistance of the two windings of the motor. The resistance value of the primary and secondary windings should be several I-ohms. New electric motor.
Maintenance of all industrial washing machines in Guangzhou:
1. Before each startup, open the main valve of each pipeline, including: water valve, steam valve and air valve, check whether the water pressure, steam and air pressure are normal; check whether there is oil in the triple oil cup and keep the gas clear. .
2. Regularly arrange the dust and fluff inside and outside the machine, as well as dirt, threads, etc. to extend the life of each machine part and improve the operating efficiency of the equipment.
3. All lubricating points make up for lubricating oil regularly to extend the life and ensure the normal operation of the machine.
4. When supplying steam to the equipment, keep in mind that you cannot open the steam very quickly, you should slowly open the stop valve on the steam pipeline to gradually reach the operating pressure of the equipment to avoid damaging the components of the equipment. When the steam pressure reaches the operating pressure, open the bypass valve on the loop pipe to drain all remaining water inside the machine and close the valve.
5. Filters should be installed at the front of all steam and water inlets, and traps should be installed at the steam outlet. The air inlet of the clothes dryer heater should always be tidyed, and the air inlet of the clothes dryer needs to be cleaned before each drying.
The key to the maintenance of industrial washing machines in Guangzhou:
Guangzhou industrial washing machine every day:
1.Check whether water and steam are leaking;
2.Clean soap tank;
3.Ensure smooth drainage;
4. Close all external interface equipment after the operation.
1. Check whether the main motor has abnormal sounds and oscillations, and whether there is abnormal heating; whether the connecting parts are loose; whether the cooling fan of the inverter is operating normally.
2. Regularly check the tightness of the transmission triangle belt; check whether the water outlet at the lower part of the main bearing block is smooth to ensure that there is no water accumulation in the bearing and extend the bearing life of the Guangzhou industrial washing machine.

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