Why Foshan industrial washing machines are widely used in various fields

- 2019-10-30-

What are the reasons why Foshan industrial washing machines are widely used in various fields? Foshan industrial washing machines are currently used in the industry more. It is a highly intelligent device that integrates washing and dehydration into one body. One-button operation is convenient and saves time. Customers have a high praise rate. . Next, Guangzhou Pearl River Washing will share relevant content for us, hoping to clear up our doubts.
There are 7 reasons why Foshan industrial washing machines are widely used:
1. Touch screen programmable microcomputer active control is adopted, which has the advantages of high degree of automation, safety and stability, and strong anti-sensation. It can complete the main procedures such as active water addition, pre-washing, main washing, rinsing, and neutralization, with 30 sets of internal storage. Washing programs can be selected and there are 5 commonly used active washing programs.
2. High-precision inverter motor and brand inverter make the speed of each program of the machine stable and reliable. High-quality imported brand inverter ensures lower speed and higher speed, which not only ensures the washing quality, but also improves the dehydration rate.
3. The use of high-quality bearing oil seals can withstand high-strength bearing seat planning, ensuring the normal operation of the equipment under heavy load conditions.
4. The full suspension structure of the cylinder body was selected for shock absorption, and the original shock planning was changed to a combination of compression spring and hydraulic damper combined shock absorption structure, so that the machine can achieve the ideal shock absorption effect when operating in high-rise buildings. Shock absorption planning, high shock absorption rate, ultra-low sensation, improve the stability of the equipment during high operation.
5. The drum is made of excellent stainless steel. Due to the harsh application conditions such as strong acid, strong alkali and high temperature during washing, special zinc spray anti-corrosion treatment is used where the water contacts, to ensure the durability of the machine and the safety of the linen.
6. The planning of stainless steel clothes door with moderate size and active gate control device not only improves the safety in operation, but also satisfies the demand for loading more linen.
7. The machine is fully enclosed, with a large-diameter water inlet, active feeding system, and optional dual drainage. It helps you shorten the washing time, improve efficiency, reduce costs and no environmental pollution.

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