Issues for hospitals to purchase hospital laundry room machinery

- 2019-10-30-

The society is developing and progressing, and the hospital is also continuously reforming the washing. Various laundry machines in the hospital are updated and improved in order to meet the needs of the hospital, so as to adapt to the continuous improvement of the washing quality of the hospital. Initially in the hospital washing things are divided into fully automatic industrial washing machines and semi-automatic industrial washing machines. The semi-automatic washing machine is divided into a washing bucket and a dehydration bucket. It needs to manually take out the washed laundry and put it in the dehydration bucket for dehydration. This kind of washing machine is relatively cheap, but the demand is large. The fully automatic washing machine is used to wash and rinse the washing water. It's over at one time, but the price is higher and it's easier.
Industrial washing machines have a laundry room in each hospital. The hospital's hospital laundry room machinery is very complicated to clean, not only clothes worn by various patients, bedclothes after surgery, but also various blood stains, urine, feces, The service targets of medicine stains and oil stains are also very complicated. There are both adults and babies. Regarding these goals, the quality of cleaning must be high. Therefore, washing in hospitals is a very big problem.
Regarding the surgical clothes covered with blood stains and medicinal stains, pre-washing should be performed first, and the blood water should be washed off in advance. The temperature of the industrial washing machine for blood stains should not be too high. The patient's clothing is better than acid neutralization. Participate in the treatment of softeners. The patient's bedclothes and bedding should be washed in stages. If there is more oil, you can participate in a fixed amount of oil emulsifier to remove oil.
In some large hospitals, the simple washing machine can no longer meet the needs of laundry. Many hospitals have introduced complete sets of hospital laundry machinery. However, due to the complexity of hospital washing, there must still be a certain standard when using industrial washing machines.
In the hospital, makeup is required to be neat. White coats are worn by every employee every day. The cuffs, neckline, and front chest of the coat are very dirty. Some medical staff often have ballpoint pens and toilet paper in their pockets. If these things are Putting them together and washing them without pulling them out will definitely cause a large area of pollution and cause the clothes to be washed out. Therefore, you must sort out your pockets before washing. Dispose of it early, which can greatly improve the cleanliness of the washed out clothes.
The laundry process of the hospital's laundry industrial washing machine is more complicated, and the classification is simpler. The cleaning is complete. To improve the effect of laundry, multi-faceted coordination and management are required. , Storage process, so as a hospital laundry staff must understand the hospital's washing process, receive washing training services, and continue to accumulate experience in washing, in order to be able to do their job in place.

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