Guangzhou industrial washing machine first use maintenance and performance improvement

- 2019-10-30-

The Guangzhou industrial washing machine is divided into manual process and automatic process, and it also includes adding soap liquid. Therefore, for the first time washing with the Guangzhou industrial washing machine, it will cause damage to the fabric due to improper operation, and more serious will cause personal injury. Here are some points The content hopes that users of industrial washing machines in Guangzhou should pay special attention. Next, Guangzhou Pearl River Washing will share the relevant content for us, hoping to confuse us.
Guangzhou Industrial Washing Machine:
1. Before each washing cycle, the solid detergent must be diluted with water and put into the soap liquid tank, to prevent adding soap liquid in the industrial washing machine during the washing process. The best time to put soap liquid is after the water is discharged, before heating.
2. Liquid detergent should be added directly through the soap tank of the equipment to prevent adding soap liquid to the front door.
3. Stop putting your hand or other objects into the cage before the industrial washing machine is completely stopped. This will cause severe damage. 4. Stop operation of the industrial washing machine with damage or removal of the super vibration switch. If the machine load is severely unbalanced, due to the excessive vibration, severe personal injury and damage to the industrial washing machine itself will result.
5. When the industrial washing machine is running and heating, stop the soap tank door from being opened to prevent steam or water burns.
The daily maintenance of industrial washing machines should be done well, so as to extend the life and operating efficiency of industrial washing machines.
Guangzhou industrial washing machine protects content every day:
1.Check whether water and steam are leaking;
2.Clean soap tank;
3.Ensure drainage and dredging;
4. Close all external interface devices after work.
Guangzhou industrial washing machine timing protection content:
1. Check whether the main motor has abnormal sounds and vibrations, and whether there is abnormal heating; whether the connecting parts are loose; whether the cooling fan of the inverter is running normally.
2. Regularly check the tightness of the transmission triangle belt; check whether the water outlet at the lower part of the main bearing block is unobstructed to ensure that there is no water accumulation in the bearing and extend the bearing life.
1. The industrial washing machine is also a laundry device applied to the industry. Because it is a laundry device applied to the industry, it has a considerable workload in terms of workload, and it is also the goal of washing. Very complicated, and this complexity adds to the difficulty of working hours, and in order to get used to this difficulty, it is necessary to make it improve in various functions, so compared to some other types In which aspects of the equipment has it made use of?
2. First of all, when this kind of equipment is operating, it has made great progress. This industrial washing machine is generally computerized, and this operation can reduce people ’s power when operating it. This is also its An advanced feature is also an important functional performance of it. In addition to its performance in this respect, there is another point when it is in use. It is able to get used to a variety of different things. We all know As for this kind of equipment, the target it is washing is very complicated. Because of this, it also increases its own difficulty.
3. There are some items to be washed that have certain corrosiveness, so this equipment itself also has very good corrosion resistance characteristics. We also know that in the application industry, some large-scale fabrics and manufacturers' work clothes will also pass. It is used for cleaning, and some of them are corrosive. In order for our industrial washing machine to work for a longer time, it is necessary to let it reach this point, and it is also safe when cleaning. Compared with similar equipment, it has made improvements in many aspects. Only in this way can it be used to industrial scrubbing.

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