Maintenance and repair of internal structure of Guangzhou industrial laundry equipment

- 2019-10-30-

Perhaps for many users of industrial laundry equipment in Guangzhou, most of the time when purchasing and using the equipment is from the sales staff, a lot of information about the equipment. Even under the condition that Guangzhou industrial laundry equipment can be inspected, few people can understand some internal structural conditions.
Guangzhou industrial laundry equipment, but in terms of Guangzhou Pearl River washing, in fact, Guangzhou industrial laundry equipment seems very complicated, but the practice is somewhat similar to the principle of the computer. Not structurally similar, but theoretically similar. As for the person playing the computer, as long as the computer is disassembled, the actual principle and structure are known. If there is no such a link, if there is any problem with the computer in the future, you still need to ask others to repair it. The same is true for Guangzhou's industrial laundry equipment.
1. Let's start with the link that causes a lot of headaches for many people, that is, the internal pipeline condition of Guangzhou industrial laundry equipment. From a theoretical point of view, Guangzhou industrial laundry equipment generally has three pipes.
2. The water inlet pipe is located at the rear top of the mechanical equipment. One part of the water inlet pipe needs to be connected externally, and the other part is connected to the solenoid valve. The solenoid valve is connected to the rubber tube, and through this connection, external water is injected into the outer cylinder of the equipment; 3. The air inlet pipe, which generally exists beside the steam-type Guangzhou industrial laundry equipment, is also divided into two sections. One section is connected to the bottom of Guangzhou industrial laundry equipment, and one part is connected to the boiler steam position;
4. Drain pipes are usually located under the industrial laundry equipment in Guangzhou. Regarding such a pipeline, users may need more attention. Because there may be a good fix in this part when it leaves the factory. However, with the long-term use of the equipment, the presentation of the sensational action may well cause this pipeline to appear loose. Therefore, in such a link, we must pay attention to the usual maintenance and protection.
5. Secondly, let's take a look at the central internal component of Guangzhou industrial laundry equipment-the inverter. Guangzhou industrial laundry equipment basically requires all frequency converters to operate, including washing, dewatering, etc. From the perspective of acquisition, the quality of a Guangzhou industrial laundry equipment inverter can directly determine the quality of the machine itself. At the same time as we understand the inverter, the editor will also explain some safety protection methods for us to prevent damage to the inverter and the occurrence of dangerous conditions.
In the condition that the inverter is damaged, the power should be cut off immediately to ensure that the equipment fires or the second-order failure occurs. When it is switched off, never touch the inverter directly. Because at this time, the heat of the inverter will be very high. Generally, the inverter will be installed at the back and bottom of Guangzhou industrial laundry equipment. Due to the heat generation, we are reminded to pay attention to the creation of an exhaust environment.

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